Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year Of The Katz

coverart: André Werner, from the Miou series, 2006

placeboKatz 06 the offline edition, 571 notes and rants about art and everything, more than 1000 colorful pictures, several cute cats, all compressed into one tiny zip (40meg)

placeoKatz as seen by the Doyens of the digital age:

Régine Debatty

"ever intriguing"
Paul Schmelzer

Mariana Pinheiro

"absolutely fabulous"
Happy Famous Artists


A Goy

Dangers are everywhere, I cannot stress this enough, and you never knew what comes next. Who knows, maybe I go berserk tomorrow and switch off the internet and you find yourself in a cave with nothing but your laptop and no way to go online. In such a hopeless situation you may take comfort in having a placeboKatz on your harddisc. All you need to do is click here to grab the complete placeboKatz (zip 40 meg) from the very first squeek till the end of last year.


Anonymous said...

aw shucks, you think i'm "ever-intriguing"? thanks.

or did i say that about you? great site; it dawns on me, you should've been in my year-end roundup as a must-read.

happy new year.

placeboKatz said...

Ehmm, well, I don´t want to bust a bubble, but I was indeed quoting you
and, from a logical point of view, would never be able to call you "ever-intriguing", as true as it would be.
That would be boring ping pong.
I guess, I would use something like "quintessential", likely combined with "cornucopia" :)

placeboKatz said...


and a happy 07 :)

(lucky seven and soon year of the pig sounds like a good combo)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Isn't it a genuine tiger package? It is! Thank you!

And a happy new year!

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