Thursday, January 22, 2009

German Coziness • Deutsche Gemuetlichkeit

German Gemutlichkeit, a series of photographs, developed with silver gelantine emulsion on wall papers, deals with German cosiness after WW II, when the two Germanies tried to get back to “normality” through the “Wirtschaftswunder” in the West and integration into a pretendingly international socialist world in the East. A clever combination or contradiction of different layers by Joachim Seinfeld. In his own words: "I mix wall paper designs from a decade with photographs dating from a different one. Thus it becomes possible to show that in the context of “German Cosiness” through the time not that much has changed. This is proved by the bafflement the combinations create: you very often don’t know when the picture was taken."
German Coziness will be on display at arthouse, Venice, CA from 24th of January as part of the LA /Berlin group exhibition (next to blog darlings like Stefanie Schneider).