Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ira Schneider • In and Out of Context

tonight: Rote Loge 10pm

Ira Schneider was born in 1939 in Manhattan into a family who, in 1947, were the first on their street to own a television. The 8-year-old’s fate is sealed, and several decades and 250,000 hours of television viewing later he stops counting. Obsessed with media technology and imagery, Ira Schneider becomes a “televisor”, filmmaker, visionary video artist and proponent, co-founder and publisher of the journal Radical Software – the most important voice of the US video community in the 1970s – and co-author of the first standard work on the then new media: Video Art. An Anthology. In 2005 we presented a collection of early works by Ira as part of the first Directors Lounge.
Tonight is the chance to see not only "In and Out of Context" from 2005 in attendance of Ira Schneider but also two additional tidbits unseen before

In and Out of Context
Schneider writes: "It is a non-narrative information collage of people, places & music. It includes brief clips of Jonas Mekas' Anthology Film Archives 35th Anniversary & sequences in Copenhagen, NYC, Nice. It alludes to art, music. It includes some Berlin nightlife, Fluxus Performance and a look at Andy Warhol's favourite club of the 60's - Max's Kansas City."

Afterwards you have the chance to see two documentaries of rock concerts back from 1967/8, one of them in world premiere.

A must, if you´re in town

Rote Loge Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (next to Revalerstrasse)
tonight (wed 17th) 10pm

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