Sunday, December 10, 2006

the kilroy variations • Dan Witz

"During World War II, the saying "Kilroy Was Here!" began to appear as graffiti at home and wherever the American military traveled abroad. Eventually the saying, and the cartoon character that often accompanied it, came to represent America's worldwide presence."

This was the first graffiti I remember being aware of as a kid. To this day the idea of drawing a horizontal line that magically creates space and becomes the top of a wall still amazes me.

Dan Witz, acclaimed pioneer of the street art scene is probably best known for his birds series. His first large scale street art project back in 1979. He painted over 40 hummingbirds in lower Manhattan below fourteenth street. "Except Soho. There was enough art there."(Dan Witz) His latest work group, the kilroy variations, in part a collaboration with Butoh artist an Caskey, can be found in San Francisco and "undisclosed" New York City locations.

homepage of Dan Witz

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