Thursday, September 28, 2006

A blind camera

Buttons - A blind camera by Sascha Pohflepp is one clever piece. "Taking a photo means making a memory. Choosing a moment in time and framing a situation. Archiving it or making it public. Either way, we create a visual item that we have an emotional attachment to through our memory. Photos help us to remember moments in our past. Often they even become a memory in their own right. For many, making their moments public through services like Flickr is already part the process of photography itself..

Buttons takes on this notion of the camera as a networked object. It is a camera that will capture a moment at the press of a button. However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn't have any optical parts...Tthe camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos that have been taken in the very same moment.

Essentially, it is a camera that - using a mobile communication device - takes other's photos. Photos that were created by someone who pressed a button somewhere at the same time as its own button was pressed. Even more so, it reduces the cameras to their networked buttons in order to create a link between two individuals."

Here´s a video of the beauty.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

FURTHER PROCESSING. Generative art, open systems

Mark Napier, Genesis (7 bit), 2006

Lia, O.I.G.C., 2006

Marius Watz, Kugelstudie, 2006. Courtesy: Edition Medienturm, Graz

FURTHER PROCESSING presents central positions in generative software art, which are created by means of the programming language "Processing" (Open Source). This award-winning software has been developed by C.E.B. Reas and Ben Fry and is available free of charge for everyone interested. By means of "Processing", visual and sonic projects can be developed, being basis for further development of the programming language and the artworks within a - potentially open society. This "author-based program" makes possible the generation of interactive applications and is the basis for the audio-visual installations, animations and videos that are presented in the exhibition. FURTHER PROCESSING is based on a continuous artistic discourse, of which the effects are reflected on a aesthetic, technological and discoursive level.

Pablo Miranda Carranza, Fabio Franchino, Ben Fry, Golan Levin, Lia, Mark Napier, C.E.B. Reas, Karsten Schmidt, Martin Wattenberg, Marius Watz

[FURTHER PROCESSING. Generative art, open systems]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, A-8020 Graz

Koproduktion: steirischer herbst


Fragmentations • Marek Schovánek

Marek Schovánek and Mrs. Rudolph from Team Directors Lounge

Berlin gossip: Good friend of Directors Lounge and acclaimed artist/curator Marek Schovánek is in town presenting new works at gallery lecoq in his exhibition Fragmentations. As a member of manifest international he´s also represented at the third Berlin Kunstsalon alongside Florian Langmaack, Andreas Sachsenmaier and Joachim Seinfeld (The last two previously mentioned here and here). If you are in town join us tomorrow at the opening of Fragmentations and visit manifest international at the kunstsalon, booth 10.

Fragmentations at Galeries lecoq,
opening September 27, 7.00 pm
27. 09. - 27.10. 2006, open Tuesday - Friday 2 pm - 8 pm, Saturday 12.00 am - 6.00 pm
Mulakstr 6., 10119 Berlin

Berlin Kunstsalon

Press preview Tuesday, September 27, at 1.30 pm
Vernissage Thursday, September 28, at 7.00 pm
Duration of fair 28. 9. – 02. 10. 2006
Opening hours daily 5.00 - 10.00 pm
Location arena-Magazin + Glashaus, Eichenstr. 4, 12435 Berlin

Monday, September 25, 2006

Approaching Nowhere • Jeff Brouws

Jeffrey T. Brouws (born 1955) is an American photographer whose work captures the social experience and cultural relevance of classic American iconic images, from highway landscapes of run-down motels and neon-lit gas stations to carnival scenes of small-town

Jeff Brouws at Robert Mann Gallery till Oct 14, 2006


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ori Gersht

Liquid Houses, 2005, c-print mounted on aluminum

Trace, 2005, c-print mounted on aluminum

Unknown Land, 2005, c-print mounted on aluminum

Gersht’s photographic process uniquely incorporates specific environmental conditions with an awareness of memory, experience, and embedded history. There is a defined relationship of this in how the photographic medium is engaged. With an understanding of the chemical and physical limitations of film, of which Gersht is never shy to push the boundaries of, that often turns out to be a more dimensional and resonant vehicle for portraying a mechanism of meaning through the imprint of time, light, and phenomena that perhaps expose the capacity and limitations of human memory as well.(gallery text)

Ori Gersht at CRG gallery


The game as analytical method, as deconstructive practice, as stimulator of communication, is the background of the project fLUiDIC proposing a series of exhibitions in Berlin and Bucharest. In the frame of fLUiDIC, works by Anca Benera, Dan Ionut Popescu, Ioana Alexe-Ecker, Casa Gonz, Ciprian Muresan will be presented at PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures.

The artists’ works challenge definite solutions and patterns of interpretation. Without aiming at the perfection of a product and at an image for a previously formulated discourse, all works exhibited bring in the potentiality of the unexpected, of the chance, in order to connect subjective experiments to social statements.
(pressrelease) Sounds a bit vague, but given the fact that play has a fine reputation for digging tantalizing concepts in video art, one should take a look if in Berlin.


a project by Simona Soare and Marta Jecu
with Anca Benera, Dan Ionut Popescu,
Ioana Alexe-Ecker, Casa Gonz,
Ciprian Muresan

September 26 - October 7, 2006

Opening: September 26, 2006 / 7pm

play - gallery for still and motion pictures
hannoversche straße 1 | 10115 berlin

related: “A consumação”

ida borg

from the comprehensive, diary alike portfolio of Ida Borg

Thursday, September 21, 2006

re:orient - migrating architectures

Our project, "re:orient - migrating architectures" explores the local aspects of China's global significance and increasing influence. The project seeks to forecast possibilities which are now detectable only in connection with retail, but which will, in all likelihood, determine the built environment, which transforms under the pressure of ever-cheaper products. The project follows up these ideas with the presentation of spaces, architectural devices and materials that create new contents, and indicate ways of turning these constraints of the market to our benefit, show how to infuse the mass products, which are designed to have a short life-span, with lasting cultural values.

re:orient - migrating architectures at the 10th venice biennale of architecture (hungarian pavilion)
more pics

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

more monster & beauty

"we are tired we want bed!"

monster and beauties seem to be the hot thing today.
Is this the near, near future?

Monster Cheesecake

"I´ve combined two of the things most important to me during my lost youth: beautiful women and monsters. Or to be precise, monstermasks."
Caleb Oglesby a.k.a. Klung 1


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fashion from a different sort of runaway

The Braniff Flight Attendant Collection

Photographer: Anastassios Mentis Model: Catherine Petree Stylist: Sasha François

What Is The Braniff Flight Attendant Uniform Collection?
In the 1960s, Dallas-based Braniff International set out to make commercial air travel more glamorous, with ads that boasted "The End of the Plain Plane." To give this attitude some texture, Braniff hired Emilio Pucci, a former WWII bomber pilot and one of the hottest designers of the time, to create the uniforms for its flight attendants. Pucci's innovative designs were a blend of fashion at altitude and fashion with attitude, serving up bright, bold colors with both style and sex appeal - at a time when sex appeal was still stylish.
Shown here is GEMINI IV. Perhaps the most memorable item in the Gemini IV uniform was the "Space Bubble" hat. Clearly influenced by NASA's space helmets, these clear plastic bubble hats were designed to protect a flight attendant's hair from the wind and rain. Like many of fashion's boldest ideas, the hats proved somewhat impractical despite their stylish appeal, and they were not issued after 1965 - making them rare indeed.



from the third hairy contest at worth1000


Monday, September 18, 2006

Enclosed in a Soap Bubble • Lucyna Bąkowska

forensics by Lucyna Bąkowska

I imagine that I am enclosed in a soap bubble. I close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and I'm gone. This empty, consumption driven world is filling up with colors. Ugly, Victorian detail washes away.
I, hear the flow of my blood. I feel that I'm alive. Synasthesia, is not exactly what I "suffer" from.
It's not the numbers that release the hue and there is no sound present, only scents. That means I don't always have to isolate consciously. Sometimes "something" pulls a "trigger" hidden inside of me and the world changes.

When I return and see "normally", I try to register that somehow. For this I use a camera and computer graphic programs. Not all of my works evolve from this "illness that I suffer from". Sometimes I conduct a "dialog" with an "unknown".
Lucyna Bąkowska

more here and here


Sunday, September 17, 2006

SKIN - emotional clothing

Fashionista Régine points to the SKIN research project at Design Probe, an in-house far-future research program by Philips that considers what lifestyles might be like in 2020.
The SKIN probe project is part of the program and challenges the notion that our lives are automatically better because they are more digital. It looks at more 'analog' phenomena like emotional sensing, exploring technologies that are 'sensitive' rather than 'intelligent'. Two outfits have been developed as part of SKIN to identify a new way of communicating with those around us by using garments as proxies to convey deep feelings that are difficult to express in words.
The Bubelle - Blush Dress comprises two layers, the inner layer of which is equipped with sensors that respond to changes in the wearer's emotions and projects them onto the outer textile. The body suit Frisson has LEDs that illuminate according to the wearer's state of excitement. Both measure skin signals and change light emission through biometric sensing technology.(source Philips)

press release highrez images
more on emotional clothing

polish photography at the SIPA art fair in Seoul / Korea

Anna Orlikowska - "Human"

Grzegorz Przyborek "Thanatos - Ona" - "Thanatos - She"

IF MUSEUM Inner Spaces from Poznan will present four polish photographers at the SIPA art fair in Seoul. Ewa £owzyl, Anna Orlikowska,Grzegorz Przyborek and Tomasz Wendland.
Ewa £owzyl´s works take part in the discussion about the media and genetic manipulations. They relate to the history of human body, religious and demonic wefts, human as a machine and organism being both a part of the nature and a mechanism hiding the soul.
Anna Orlikowska photographs the reality of modern Poland. Her works are a kind of documentary, but with an obvious personal reflection. She shows Poland on the borderline, as a country of unplanned contrasts.
Grzegorz Przyborek´s works are an effect of precise installations, so called “photographical installations”. They are often showed as independent artworks, and the photographies uncover another poetics of the situation.
Tomasz Wendland´s photographies base on the idea of symmetry and harmony, omnipresent in the European (but not only) philosophy. The observation of reality is strengthened by its mirror duplication, it draws the spectator into a virtual, often unbearable reality.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

finding oneself

andreas weinand

heilig abend 1988 christmas eve 1988

reinhold 1997

hein 1984

oktoberfest 1984

Andreas Weinand´s body of work consists of long-term photographic documentations, reflection on social identities within the private and public spheres.
"My photography primarily intends to translate an individual impulse on life into images. Working with photography ' s ability to document, I transform views and impressions which I perceive into single photographs that aim to reflect on universal human experiences through a sequenced accumulation." Andreas Weinand


Douglas Prince

more here

Friday, September 15, 2006

All in the pink

I honestly have no intention to post about Banksy, darling of the blog world on a daily base. But then a mail by Kiana of world of wonders points me to this pink elephant (and who can resist a pink elephant). It's Banksy's LAphant. A pachyderm matching a room's decor (of course!) is part of the British guerrilla graffiti artist's Barely Legal exhibition in a downtown LA warehouse, which opens to the public today. Unless the team of WoW ends up bound, gagged, and wallpapered through the weekend they shall have some juicy facts about the show tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The materiality of things • Frances Trombly

Balloons, 2004, crocheted cotton, dimensions variable

Charming plays with materiality by Frances Trombly

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Discoqueen by Morten Nillson
also check out his frightening series "Dancers"


Paul Shambroom is, in his own words: "photographing training facilities, equipment and personnel involved in the massive government and private sector efforts to prepare for and respond to terrorist attacks within the nation’s borders. First responders and law enforcement officers train in large-scale simulated environments such as “Disaster City” in Texas and “Terror Town”, an abandoned mining community in New Mexico purchased with funds from the Department of Homeland Security. The SECURITY SERIES examines issues of fear, safety and liberty in post-9/11 America."
digged by my neighbor sum1

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the world is like an apple...

...Spinning silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind!

Lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman
from "The Windmills Of Your Mind" (titlesong from "The Thomas Crown Affair")

Image, a full night’s exposure of the sky over Namibia, created by astronomical photographer Josch Hambsch over 10 hours and 40 minutes. click pic for high rez
Here is a GIF animation of the full night’s star movement. (11 meg, be patient)


cowgirls, clowns and skidmarks

Nowear, todays page of the moment, to be found elsewhere, is the fresh blog by Mr. Kim Guthrie from Queensland, Australia. Little do we know about this fresh project beside the fact that it comes with a blogroll of taste and a bunch of interesting photographies. Keep an eye on nowear.