Tuesday, January 09, 2007

guerrilla gardening • Helmut Smits

Tree in front of billboard, 2006, tree, pickets

Gardening and public intervention is a charming combo and "Tree in front of billboard" by Helmut Smits is a fine example of such guerrilla gardening (Paul Schmelzer). Beside strategically planting trees so when they grow up they obstruct views of advertisements, Helmut made several clever pieces of art in public spaces. Sometimes cynical, like "Parking for white cars only", sometimes poetic like "Street fountain" they all are based on stunning simple concepts. Be it the widely blogged "The Real Thing", an installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water, or his (untitled) microphone sculpture made from paint rollers.

Monument 2006, Proposal for a poster campaign

Parking for white cars only, 2006
Temporary project in a parking garage where the best spots were accessible for white cars only

Street fountain, 2002
Small water pumps in existing pot-holes in the road surface.
When it rains, small fountains appear.

Territories, 2005, polystyrene, plywood, acrylic
ING, Puma and Lacoste logos placed on various locations in The Netherlands

Flag, 2005, fluorescent strip lights, metal, perspex, electrics
Dimensions:L: 120 cm W: 7 cm H: 64 cm

no title, 2005, paint rollers, pedestal
Dimensions:L: 54 cm W: 36 cm H: 124 cm

Helmut Smits (1974) is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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