Monday, January 22, 2007

And the winner is:

updated post from january 15th

Andreas Gogol and Telemach Wiesinger receive the
20th Stuttgarter Filmwinter/Festival for Expanded Media
for their film performance Landed Takes & Sound Times

congrats, well deserved

LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES, a live performance by Telemach Wiesinger (Film) & Andreas Gogol (Sound) has been shown in two, completely different, representations during Directors Lounge 2006 and later as part of our row of summer evenings. A new incarnation of LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES can be experienced these days at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter/Festival for Expanded Media (thurs 18th, 8pm and fri 19th 12 am), in Freiburg on friday 19th, 8:30pm at the E-Werk and later at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Telemach Wiesinger´s film sequences in LANDED TAKES run for 3 minutes each, and are recorded on travel with a static 16mm camera. Updated continuously, these location studies are combined in a fresh way for each projection space.
Andreas Gogol´s SOUND TIMES are LIVE improvisations which amplify the viusual space with sound collages and experiements thereby complementing the selected film passages.

The Expanded Cinema Performance LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES is a unique interplay between sound and image. Expanded Cinema stands for an experience which leaves the classic projection room to invent new forms of perception in new cinematographic worlds.
For this experience, both artists co-create an entirely new performance which is highly influenced by the location and the audience.

Andreas Gogol will present a special screening of personal works, together with Florian Krautkraemer, during Directors Lounge 2007

You can see excerpts from LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES as presented on
Directors Lounge 2006 thurs 16th february by clicking

Andreas Gogol, D, Sound
Telemach Wiesinger D, Film
Landed Takes & Sound Times 12 min, 16mm , 2006

excerpts from the live performance at Directors Lounge 2006
thurs 16th february
edit/camera: D. Butsch

can´t see the video? click here

Stuttgarter Filmwinter/Festival for Expanded Media thurs 18th, 8pm and fri 19th 12 am
E-Werk Freiburg, fri 19th, 8:30pm
International Film Festival Rotterdam filmprogram: STILL 16

LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES on placeboKatz: here and here

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