Tuesday, January 02, 2007

SMS Guerilla Projector

The SMS Guerilla Projector by TroikArt is a home made, fully functioning device that enables the user to project text based SMS messages in public spaces, in streets, onto people, inside cinemas, shops, houses…
Small, portable, and battery operated, the SMS Guerilla Projector contains a mobile phone which enables the device to receive and project messages from other people.
The SMS Guerilla Projector is made by recombining available technologies. As an open object, the projector generates a wide range of applications, allowing the user to display messages and share his reflections.

Its unpredictability creates a very special and disturbing experience for the people who watch the projection, and invites them to reflect on the content or the implications of the message.

Kudos to Louise Louis aka Régine for pointing to this clever made tool for the street art activist in the comments to Fear Itself by Ivan Martinez.

the guys from troika were explaining at a conference that the police did turn up one night but didn't spot them because the policemen were not looking for a handheld projector. they expected something bigger.

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