Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a note from the management

subliminal changes

You may have noticed some minimal changes in the look-and-feel of the Katz ( no more "posted by" that is). Again I couldn´t resist to trash my template with fresh nonsense for no specific reason. To protect you, my beloved readers, from getting confused here´s a short overview what´s new:

The most important change are three little words: (click, click)

As you see these nifty words protect you from scrolling through my endless posts, except if you like to. Once you´ve seen what follows the teasing intro you can easily collapse the post at the bottom.
Beside the chance to hide the horrors and to make you curious I hope that this feature becomes helpful to integrate videos into the Katz without slowing down the blog.
As said before, the postfooter does not say anymore "posted by" and, in an attempt to follow the masses, offers you the oportunity to flood del.icio.us with tons of placebo-posts.

But that´s not all. From time to time you will note a Related posts:
below the comment section. This is a funny script that tries to find related placebo postings by reading the post title. If it fails (most of the time) it does not appear at all.
Much more often you will read Related posts from Blogosphere:
A similiar script that runs from blog to blog trying to find related postings.
Again it uses only the post title, and may come up with quiete bizarre results.
But we should not blame this little one for my strange titles. In the rare cases of intelligent titled postings it delivers astonishingly fitting results.

Both scripts are only visible if they came up with results and only in the post pages, not on the main or archive pages.

Last but not least I replaced the "to see" and "elsewhere" parts of the sidebar with a feed from my own del.icio.us bookmarks and one that keep track on all new announcements of Directors Lounge 2007.

All this tweaking wouldn´t be possible without Ramani, the good soul behind hackosphere, a cornucopia of little helpers for the blogging world and mandarin design, the best place "For people who make mistakes". (kudos to Gatochy for pointing me to this treasure island)

Finally there´s a banner for the first annual placeboKatz edition, in case you missed it :)

Compliments, base flattery and notes about bugs, glitches and miserable failures are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome, that site's been invaluable to me on more than one occasion. Your blog is looking cool!

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