Sunday, October 10, 2010

part of the art

part of the art, two JGP residing inside an art work by Anett Lau 

Some more sightings of the infamous Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi who seems to be almost anywhere at the Berlin art fair week, sneeking into art as well as into artists.

part of the art fairs, a JGP claiming to be on 7th Berlin Kunstsalon, while in fact in front of a photograph by MUT showing Toni Lin Zeidler, claiming to be part of Circus Minimus, while in fact both are at Fridey Mickel´s party at LA54

part of the artist, a JGP residing on top of Emil, one of the most influential cognitive mentors of the Berlin art scene.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

the 7th. Berlin Kunstsalon

movers and shakers: Edmund piper, Spunk Seipel with friend and JGP

Yesterday´s opening of the 7th Berlin Kunstsalon was the start for the annual art fair craze. The Kunstsalon moved to a new location, a cozy former slaughterhouse now called a station. The opening was foremost a meeting of all and everyone who´s into the Berlin art scene, even the infamous Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi popped up. A cool night and a nice start into this year´s fair frenzy.

 Here´s looking at you, kid: Joachim Seinfeld and JGP

Sculptures by Calla Mar and JGP

 Birdhouse by Calla Mar