Thursday, January 04, 2007

stardust • Jean-Christian Bourcart

Stardust, New York, 2005-2006

In my neighborhood, just behind the void of the World Trade Center, there is a multiplex theater where I go early in the morning. There, in the empty screening rooms, I photograph the little window that separates the projection cabin from the public space; or more precisely, I photograph the image that appears when the film passes through the window....
The window is often dirty, dusty, with fingerprints on it. Or the flux of light is so strong that each grain of dust becomes iridescent. The image, partially stopped on its way towards the big screen, is completely fuzzy: a simple moving mass of colors and forms. Nothing is recognizable except maybe a blue sky or a silhouette. The traces on the glass become the only matter of the movie.
Jean-Christian Bourcart

I am quiete undetermined about several workgroups by Jean-Christian Bourcart, as I pointed out in the comments of Joerg´s entry about Bourcart´s "Collateral" but he surely deserves a closer look. Next to "Stardust", that I find cinematically charming, I recommend "Traffic"


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