Saturday, January 06, 2007

flooding the world with words 02 • Julius Popp

Bitfall, 2004

Bitfall serves as a medium between the worldwide information flow and the beholder. Keywords from several newspages apear for a very short moment formed by drops of falling water. A glimpse on what is defined as important in the very moment before the falling words resolve into water again. A closed circuit that is constantly fed with an everchanging description of reality.

Bitfall uses 128 water pump-injectors, controlled by a computer to form the words from falling waterdrops. The program controlls the triggering of the waterdrops, thus making it possible to create a curtain of falling "waterpixels":
Bitfall is literally a metaphor for the constant and ever changing information flow.

A video about Bitfall with notes by Julius Popp can be seen here


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