Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Affaires infinies • Bettina Hoffmann

I first came across the work of Bettina Hoffmann some years ago in the exhibition "Positionen zur Farbfotografie- Das Menschenbild" at the gallery KMZA. Back then her "Affaires infinies" series was mostly seen in the context of reliability, the new enhanced ability of digital photohgraphs to lie. A discussion that, IMHO, was already obsolete at the time and obscured the narrative, cinematic quality of her work.
Anyway, I am glad to rediscover her work (even so I forget who pointed me there)
"Affaires infinies" in her own words:

The subject is interacting with her own self - assumes varying, contrasting roles, who can stand both for one side and for the counterpart.
I am the person who is represented. This "I" however becomes indistinguishable from the others. Identity is established by the position adopted by a figure in the scene.The persons link up to form pairs or groups. They interact, look at each other, desire each other, demand, wait. What is going on? What happened, or is about to happen?
I am interested in the intermediate areas in which nothing in particular happens but everything points to a plot or an event.

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