Tuesday, October 03, 2006

praising the heroes of fine art

After celebrating the Gods it is time to hail the heroes of modern fine art. This remarkable realistic statue of Vincent Van Gogh might be the most noble way to pay tribute to this pioneer of modern painting. As they say: "Was there a greater character in history than Vincent Van Gogh? A man who chopped off his ear in the name of love. With the Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure, you can see him in both ways; before the incident and bandage afterwards. Place the Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure in front of easel with interchangeable versions of his mini masterpieces. Celebrate one of the world's favorite artists, maybe even use him as an inspirational tool." A bargain at 9.95$.
But if you are one of those pinky art-chichis who call such honest distinction blatant and outrageous you may find yourself in this personification of Edward Munch´s most famous painting as a tortured doll.
Squeeze the Screaming Scream Doll's Belly and it will let out a little shriek. Perfect desktop item for the art lover/ hard worker. There´s even an Inflatable Scream Doll for the real art addict.


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