Friday, October 20, 2006

The Fun of Zen • Wang Dongling

The Fun of Zen, 2004, Ink on paper, 72 1/2" x 57" (184 x 145 cm)

In writing, a calligrapher’s attentions are directed toward a number of elements: brushwork, ink, composition, rhythm, vitality and the characters themselves. Exhaustive repetition of characters lies at the center of all calligraphy lessons, and after years of training these elements become ingrained. Wang's single characters reveal the power of his calligraphic brushstrokes; combined with painting they produce a complex, visually stunning and highly unique aesthetic.
While Wang’s training and artistic development may be rooted in tradition, his work has emerged as audaciously modern, and has grown out of his exposure to cosmopolitan and international sources.
Wang's latest abstract works draw their strength and integrity from traditional aesthetics and metaphysics. Suggestions of landscape or natural forms may be present but these paintings are primarily physical manifestations of energy, emotion and life and have effectively dissolved the distinction between painting and calligraphy. (gallery text)

Wang Dongling at Goedhuis Contemporary


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