Friday, October 13, 2006

Petrina Hicks

Deb, 2006, Lightjet print, 97 x 117cm, edition of 8 + AP

Aicha, 2005, Lightjet print, 127 x 152cm, edition of 5 + AP

Rachael #1, 2006, Lightjet print, 84 x 110cm, edition of 8 + AP

Petrina Hicks has an attraction to unsullied young people, women and men, at the edge of adulthood. Is it a sense of untouched purity that she is drawn to? Looking more closely, however, this is not perfectionism. Each of her subjects has subtle, or not so subtle, flaws. This is often the second thing that becomes apparent in these portraits, and instantly manifests as part of their fascination, a sort of attraction/repulsion. The work hovers in an unsettling place, between allure and strangeness...
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Petrina Hicks at Stills Gallery


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