Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Arno Schmidt - Vier mal vier (4x4)

Arno Schmidt (January 18, 1914 in Hamburg - June 3, 1979 in Celle) is widely known as a German author, mostly for his magnum opus Zettel's Traum, in which an elderly writer comments on Edgar Allan Poe's works in a stream of consciousness, while discussing a Poe translation with a couple of translators and flirting with their teenage daughter.

Much less known is the fact that Arno Schmidt was also a photographer. While his early photographs are mainly private snapshots, used as a personal diary in black and white, his later pictures, shot since 1964 as colorslides develop a certain quality in the photographic media itself. He used the extremely rare 4cm x 4cm format, thus the title "Vier mal vier" (four x four) of an exhibition, curated by Janosz Frecot, that presents an assortment of an archive of about 2500 photographies.

The opening tonight will see a lecture by Joachim Kersten, Bernd Rauschenbach and Jan Philipp Reemstma (the heir of a German cigarette manufacturer, who was one of his admirers and financially supported Arno Schmidt during the last few years of his life) of Arno Schmidt´s "Großer Kain"

Aspekte Gallery
Kulturzentrum Gasteig Munich
oct. 11th - dec 17th

opening: oct 10th 6h30 pm

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