Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rachel Stone

Untitled So Far - 2006

Hanged Self - 2006

Self-Portrait Wityh Orange Phone - 2005

A Second Before Disappearing into a Void - 2006

A Nightmare: Heat me-So cold - 2006

Rachel Stone was born in 1976 in the city of Schiedam in the Netherlands. She did a four year co-op with sculptor Miquel Penso and currently lives in Nijmegen.
"In my work I use mostly myself as a model. I achieve my effects first of all with my camera and then work on them when needed in photoshop. My inspirations come from everything I hear and see which immediately translates itself in a never ending flow of images, sometimes hard to keep up with so I am in the habit of writing them down now."
"I have two methods of working; One is the intuitive one where I get a certain feeling, collect materials and set up the scene in a short period of time. Examples of this type are the rosa series, the self portrait with orange phone, tea before I go and tea with me."
"The other method is working on a pre-conceived idea or concept. Examples are: the ten seconds exposure time series, scream free of fish, prometheus, untitled so far, lover's lament and the nightmare series."

read and see more from Rachel Stone at the Lilith gallery

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