Thursday, October 26, 2006

From the Pages of Fairy Tales • Anka Danailovska

The reading of the visual discourse of the young graphic artist Anka Danailovska is a particularly subtle and serious act for the adult observer. His/her reception and relation – and, as we said, such an approach refers to the adult observer in particular – should be mentally adapted to the object of observation since the discourse of this écriture belongs to another world, a world different from that of the adults. The configuration of the subtly conceived surreal and fantastic world of fairy tales and of the voracious and impatient eye which fretfully wanders over the surface of her works proposes to the observer a child’s perspective.

Through the simulation of the innocent but controlled childlike discourse impressed into or drawn on her recent prints and pastels, Anka Danailovska turns to the re-designing of her fairy tales illustrated or painted long ago. In her work, this principle symbolizes weaving a new cloth with old yarn, i.e., an instance of unique self-quotation and self-compilation.
Konča Pirkoska art critic, Translator : Rajna Koska.
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Anka Danailovska -

"From the Pages of Fairy Tales"
27.10. - 16.11.2006

Prima Center Berlin

Biesentalerstr. 24, 13359 Berlin

opening: october, 27th, 8pm

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