Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Nature of a-Muse: 1.0 Squirty
Tanja Puustelli

The Nature of a-Muse: 1,0 Squirty, 3 min, DV, 2006

Tanja Puustelli, a Finnish video artist and a printmaker currently based in Sydney, Australia, is among the most popular video artists presented on Directors Lounge television. Not at least due to several friendly bloggers who pointed to her video loop Milking The Cow,a clever constructed screen printed video work featuring a pornographic loop of a fellatio scene, accompanied with the sound of a cow being milked into a metal bucket in sync with the movement of the image.
The Nature of a-Muse: 1.0 Squirty can be best described as a counterpart for Milking The Cow.
"Quite the mess you've made!" I giggle as he sweeps the sweaty curls off his face and stumbles out of the bed to find a towel to clean up the mess with. "So very squirty!" I continue, and we both laugh as he disappears into the shower and I start tracking down my knickers from the floor.
...the whole story behind the work

The Nature of a-Muse: 1.0 Squirty
now on Directors Lounge television
in low rez and high rez
(DSL recommended, Flashplayer required)

Milking The Cow loop, DV, 2005

"Milking the Cow" was part of Figures In Motion, our recent exhibition at Castle Plueschow
See "Milking The Cow" here

And if you like Tanja´s work, don´t miss "Self"
A video artist’s masochistic confession of an aversion to video cameras; a short video work animated out of digital stills, shot with a digital still camera.

Self 3 min, DV, 2005
See "Self" here

all videos are also avaiable for download on the homepage of Tanja Puustelli

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