Friday, June 09, 2006

Henrik Menné

Paradisa Within a Paradise, 2005, soap/water/aluminium,170x150x150 cm

Henrik Menné: 56L. 2004, glue/aluminium, 180x150x150 cm

Henrik Menné works with sculpture from an industrial viewpoint, so to speak.

His works usually consist of large machines that transform a plastic material.
In his work there is thus a visible interest for the production of a sculptural object in itself; both the literal plastic product and the tools that are used to create it.

For the exhibition "Why Did the Sculpture Cross the Road?" his work consists of a large aluminium coloured machine that with the help of a motor and a fan blows a white substance (glue) from a large container in the machine into the exhibition space. The substance thereby begins to cover walls, ceiling and objects in the room and, during the exhibition period, the substance turns into plasticity itself. In this way, Menné produces a tool for a progressive sculptural intervention in the exhibition space, whereby his work to a large degree consists of processual extrapolation of sculpture and its tools. read more

Henrik Menné at Gallery Tom Christoffersen
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