Saturday, June 24, 2006

City traces Julie Shiels

“What are you doing that for?” he said.
“To make people think” J replied, “and make their own meaning.”
He paused for a second, then said “you know in the 30s there was this fellow who used to write the word Eternity in chalk on the pavement. He did it for years all over Sydney, the same word over and over again.”
“That’s one of the ideas behind this work” J said ethusiastically.
“I could think of better things to do with my time” he answered. “But it was nice talking to you” he said as he walked away.

J had just finished stencilling the couch when she noticed a woman watching and waiting.
“Am going to get yelled at”, she wondered, “it will happen one day, and after all, this isn’t the back streets of St Kilda.”
When she crossed the road, the woman was smiling sheepishly. “That’s my couch” she said. “Well, not really, it belonged to my flatmate until he moved out. He left it on the nature strip and then decided to shift it over there. I feel so guilty, it used to be in my loungeroom…for years.”
“Now you don’t need to feel so bad” J replied, “it’s not rubbish anymore, it’s a piece of temporary art work.”

City traces by Julie Shiels explore the idea that the marks on the pavement and the minutiae found in the streets can tell you where you are and provide clues for deciphering the narratives of the cultural terrain.
I Love St Kilda is her second blog that invites the viewer to speculate on stories that are suggested by the traces of life left on the streets.

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