Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lyzane Potvin Je suis une truie

During the Paris vernissage titled I am a sow (exhibition from 29 October 2005 to 7 January 2006), it was possible to become acquainted with Lyzane Potvin's paintings, and in the particular with author herself, which spent 3 and a half of the hour in the cage for animals, dressed in a sexy, black underwear and the mask of a sow on the head.
see a video of the performance

(click pics for high rez)

Lyzane's painting touches what each of us is pushing into depths of oneself. Gangrene of fondnesses. At images females are cutting their hands and legs up for themselves, they are masturbating themselves, they are baring their vulva, their waters are breaking. In Lyzane's there is drinking, devouring, giving birth, sexual organs touching, all done in the most natural way.Life is one great menstruating. Woman is a victim, an object, the epicentre of misfortunes and dualities. The mother, the woman, the sister, beloved one, the lover, the daughter, the murderess, the whore, the alcoholic, the beauty, who's mouth is being gagged, who is being subjugated and marred. Lyzane Potvin images are filled with the redness, the colour which reffers to the birth and death. It is a symbol of a horrible pain of being born.

Lyzane Potvin's women are licking wounds of the humanity. Her works are rare and valuable evidence of a human pain.
Frédéric Vignale

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