Friday, June 09, 2006

bogus urls How technorati's ruining it´s reputation

technorati,"the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs."(selfdescribtion), is widely poular among bloggers as an indexer of who is linking to whom. So far nobody would complain that technorati inserts "related" ads between the search results, a business model similiar to google adsense. To be acceptable, such model requires a minimum of transparency and honesty, ads should be clearly marked as such and your blog should not found itself connected to unserious offers. Régine´s we make money not art is for sure a blog with a "risky" name, but she has all the right to be outraged as she found out that the ads inserted on her technorati-page are poor, yet effective fakes of her own url, making it very likely that one believes they belong to her. She posted about this impertinent behaviour here and it is interesting to follow the comments. While it is good to see that David Sirfry, the CEO of Technorati, joined in, promising to fix the situation, it is sad to see that so far nothing changed.
If technorati, claiming the ads are inserted by Overture(a Yahoo company) and it has no influence, remains unable to control it´s own system it may very fast loose it´s reputation among bloggers, the base of it´s sucess.

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