Friday, June 16, 2006


Famous Bloggerina Bibi has a new passion:
Dodos, and it seems only logical that she turns her new love into a blog: The Dodo Blog - The influence of dodos in the modern culture, in other words, a blog about dodos -
In her own words: "Why dodos? Among the extinct animals, the dodos are the most popular, they are icons, they are symbols, they are very famous, they are almost super-stars! But they are much better than super-stars: dodos don’t get drunk and fight with reports, dodos don’t use weird clothes that are going to be next tendency in fashion, dodos don’t make scandals and appear in the first page of a tabloid, dodos don’t expend their money with drugs or illegal substances, dodos don’t make stupid comments. Well, actually they don’t do anything more, because… they are dead. Extinct!

Poor little stupid and dead birds. I think that they deserve more love and that is one of the reasons of this blog"

Pictures taken from the Dodo Stamps collection by Pib Burns (Thanks Paul)

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Anonymous said...

I posted those stamps some weeks ago. It's not a new passion, I always wanted to have a dodo, but they are dead. :( So the best that I can do is do a blog to them. And now I have more excuses to post images of them. :)

And thanks for the links!

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