Saturday, December 09, 2006

What´s Your Name 41?

by Marcel Grant, now playing on Directors Lounge television

What’s Your Name 41? directed by Marcel Grant, starring Con O'Neill and Ann Mitchell, was among the darlings of the public on this years Directors Lounge 2006.
What’s Your Name 41? a beautifully shot debut featurette from Marcel Grant, uses the stunning background setting of Venice to tell the story of reknowned artist Sam Clarke, played superbly by Con O'Neill, who is commissioned to create a sculpture for a rich, dying client. In order to find inspiration Sam leaves London for Venice where he sets about creating his masterpiece. It is a journey of self-discovery that forces Sam to face some awkward truths and culminates in a tragic ending for everyone who becomes entangled in Sam’s inner turmoil.

Marcel Grant started directing independent films in 2000. Coming from a music/film background he made 6 independent films so far. His latest film 'Coffee Sex You', currently in post-production, is, according to Emma Meaden, the producer of 'Coffee Sex You', more commercial and mainstream although retaining Grant's artistic eye for composition of images and story telling through emotion.
And the combo of coffee and sex is for sure as teasing as art, death and Venice.

What’s Your Name 41?, the latest addition to Directors Lounge television, uses the international art circus to tell a clever story in a subtle way. The ideal movie for everyone who is in the middle of the art crowd frenzy these days.

What´s Your Name 41?

by Marcel Grant, UK
49 minutes, 35mm, B&W, 2005

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