Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fear Itself • Yea Right

Ivan Martinez, Fear Iself... Yea Right, Custom Action Script, Animation & Projector, 2006
The one in the middle reads: "WOW! How much did this cost? Looks nice, can me and a couple hundred of my homeless friends live in it?"

Fear Itself, by Miami based Ivan Martinez, is a street art projection using custom action script in which he "runs scared" through the streets typing in his fears which are then projected on building facades. The works combines concepts on the running tiger of Karolina Sobecka´s Wildlife, previoulsly mentioned here and Paul Notzold´s "What/Who Are You Afraid Of?", described here.
According to Wooster Ivan started in August doing guerrilla projections of images on the new building developments that are appearing in and around downtown Miami.

He continued to do them until one night he and his friends were pulled over by the Miami police with their guns pointed inches from their head through the driver and passenger side windows. After two hours of being called anarchists and that what they were doing was "not art" and just "fucking around" he decided to stop doing the projections to work on other projects.

You can watch a seven minute video of some of the best scenes and phrases from the projections by clicking here.

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placeboKatz said...

one has to see this nifty gun to understand the cops being puzzled.
Thanks for the pointer, worth to check out.

welcome to placebotown :)

nozap said...

just great. truly glad I dropped by.

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