Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad art for bad people • EVERYWHERE

J'appelle un Chat une Chatte, Jake and Dinos Chapman, 2001

Happy Famous Artists

Disasters of War IV, Jake and Dinos Chapman, 2001

Coincidence ? Today, when toutes Belgique is awaiting the opening of art can be your xmas tree, featuring our good friends, the happy famous artists, acclaimed for their claim "Bad Art for Bad People" is the first day of an exhibition entitled, guess what, "Bad Art for Bad People" at Tate Liverpool. The Tate show presents Jake and Dinos Chapman, two leading British contemporary artists who came to prominence during the 1990s as part of the generation of so-called YBAs (Young British Artists). The Chapmans' art is characterised by scepticism, parody and irreverence. It combines a vast range of influences, drawn from philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis, art history and popular culture.
A description that fits as well for the happy famous artists (a term that fits as well for the Chapmans)

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