Saturday, December 02, 2006

Double Bind • Nezaket Ekici

Nezaket Ekici, 2006, Performance Atropos at Sinopale 1. Sinop Biennale, Sinop Turkey, Photo by Umut Südüak

Nezaket Ekici, whose work we screened at Directors Lounge from the beginning, opens her Berlin solo exhibition "Double bind" tonight with the performance “Atropos

In the exhibition “Double Bind”, Nezaket Ekici presents four works, which are internally associated with each other. In a “double bind”-situation, two or more people have an intensive relation with each other, which is for at least one of the partners physically and/or mentally pivotal. Such a relation always constitutes an irrevocable pattern of dependency, which involves the individual in paradoxical communication.

In the performance, “Atropos”, the artist represents an act of self-liberation, by freeing herself, using a pair of scissors, from her hair, which is tied to the ceiling via long threads. She cuts one part of her hair off and thus dissociates herself from a part of herself. This artwork is an existential analysis with the wholeness of self, especially since hairs may count as symbols of life. The name of the performance-installation “Atropos” alludes to the Greek goddess of destiny of the same name, who cuts the threads of fate with scissors. In a certain sense, this work unites the aspects of the other works in itself and additionally transcends the pattern of the “double bind”-situation. It shows, with the radical act of hair cutting, a way out of the paradoxical self-communication brought along by double bonds. At least, the act of cutting can be evaluated as an attempt of liberation from the dependency of the self. (gallery text)

The solo exhibition runs parallel with the artist’s participation in the exhibition “Into Me / Out of Me” at Kunst-Werke Berlin, Auguststrasse 69.

Double bind

02.12. - 21.01.2007
Opening on the 2nd December 2006, 7 p.m.
with the performance “Atropos”
Auguststraße 20
10117 Berlin

more about Nezaket Ekici here, here and here
Nezaket Ekici on Directors Lounge television here

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