Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pornographic Pursuit No. 2 Karolina Sobecka

Pornographic Pursuit No. 2 by Karolina Sobecka is an interactive video installation. A participant stands in front of a screen, onto which a video of Marilyn Monroe is rear-projected. The video is stopped on the first frame. To advance it the viewer has to run. The faster he/she runs, the closer to the normal speed (30 fps) the video plays. Marilyn in the video strips to her panties and plays erotically with a coke bottle and an apple, flirting with the camera/viewer. When the viewer stops running, the video starts playing backwards slowly. As the audience gathers, the viewer soon realizes that he/she and his/her pursuit became the spectacle. When the viewer stands still, walks or doesn´t run fast enough the video plays in reverse until it reaches first frame and is stopped. Pornographic Pursuit No. 2 uses footage from Bruce Conner´s film "Marilyn Times Five".

She recently created the performative installation Wildlife. On the backseat of a car is a powerful projector which is beaming a tiger on whatever happens to be parallel to the car. The animation of the cat is directly linked to the speed of the car, so when Karolina hits the throttle, the tiger starts running along as if on a leash, leaving behind baffled pedestrians. Sascha Pohflepp has posted first hand impressions here.

corrected entry: I mixed up Sascha with Régine.

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Anonymous said...

actually i didn't write that post, i'm in turin, curing a serious overdosis of new media art conference. it's sascha pohflepp who was reporting from san jose.

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