Monday, August 07, 2006

Directors Lounge presents: a summer evening with Yoko Hata

august 10th 10pm at Rote Loge

Honey City, 2000, 08'33''

Yoko Hata, founder of GUP-py, presents her recent work on video at Rote Loge. In her videos, Yoko Hata combines animations, text and camera images with her poetical reflections on the world. The vernacular, daily life as well as art and architecture become themes of her stories. With her witty talent, she uses raw models of advertisement, documentary and educational formats to amalgamate a vision of a sweet (honey) world, both charming and uncanny. A (mostly female) sweet Japanese voice-over seduces the viewer to follow the artist GUP-py into her artificial, sometimes ideal half-world.
Klaus W. Eisenlohr more

Travel Dog (Reisehund), 2002, 07'20''

In 1995 GUP-py was founded in Berlin on the initiative of Japanese artist Yoko Hata. Since then GUP-py has expanded to a group working in the different fields – contemporary art, movie, book editing and graphic design.

august 10th 10pm Yoko Hata / GUP-py at Rote Loge
Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (next to Revalerstrasse)

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