Thursday, August 17, 2006

Charles Krafft interview on The eXTra finGer

Charles Krafft, already mentioned on placeboKatz some weeks ago, has been interviewed by Claudio Parentela for his excellent blog The eXTra finGer, a collection of several interviews with artists. excerpt:
Q What is creativity?
A Creativity is a willed commitment to solitary or collective invention.
Q Does your environment influence your art, either in style/format or interference?
A Yes. I live in "The Imperial City of the InformationAge" (the home of Bill Gates) and selective information influences what I make while random and excess information interferes with it. I tend to waste a lot of time processing information rather than working with my hands. Good craftsmanship is disappearing as technology advances. I started out trying to make elegant paintings with very simple and inexpensive tools. I often wonder if I could ever unplug and return to a life without electricity.
Go here for the full interview

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