Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sarah Jacobson Film Grant

Jacobson (1971-2004), who had previously helmed I Was a Teenage Serial Killer in 1993, formed Station Wagon Productions with her equally adventurous and independent-spirited mother, Ruth Jacobson, and together the pair worked tirelessly to promote and distribute not only Sarah's work, but also the idea that filmmaking itself need not be constrained by the stereotypes of mainly male Hollywood. Jacobson's efforts arrived at the cusp of the consumer DV revolution, and there's no doubt in the minds of anyone who met this relentlessly creative firebrand that she greatly helped stoke the flames of the guerrilla and indie filmmaking movement while becoming a voice for grrrl-positive cineastes everywhere. She was one of a kind, and her loss is keenly felt.source

The Free History Project, Ruth Jacobson (Sarah’s mom), and a number of Sarah’s friends have contributed money in order to give out a small annual grant to one or more female filmmakers whose work embodies some of the things that Sarah stood for: a fierce DIY approach to filmmaking, a radical social critique, and a thoroughly underground sensibility. > via

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