Saturday, March 11, 2006


Final Address by Mayumi Lake

Poo-Chi (Action Cam Porn), 1999

japanese artist Mayumi Lake, who participated in the Directors Lounge 2005 with the poetic "To Sigma",is widely known for her Poo-shi-series, especially since she has been connected with M. Jackson

A quiete fifferent portfolio is her Final Address-series

Final Address (3553 Milwaukee), 2002
C-print , 20 x 24

For the past two years I have been collecting images of funeral homes. Funeral homes are the icon of the ultimate American way to finish one’s life. In Japan, there is no equivalent – funerals are usually held in public religious places, such as Buddhist temples, or churches. Here funeral homes exist as comfortable and relaxing spaces designed to ease your experience of death.I am obsessed with this formula and believe that “American funeral homes” fulfill my vision of the ultimate “American dream”.

Final Address (Interior/ Pink Room #9L ), 2002
C-print under plexiglas. 20 x 24

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