Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kim Collmer, George Drivas & Jean-Gabriel Périot at trampoline

Kim Collmer, video artist, who curated Forming Motion: Animated Artistic Experiments at the Directors Lounge 2006, a wonderful collection of animated shorts, presents her latest work pod

In the heat of the Croatian summer, a caretaker sweeps while the daydreams of sunbathers take form. A running man propels himself through the arid landscape, a dreamer floats and swirls in the salty sea. Together they all contain the circle of movement, filling the fluid mass, their thoughts fuel the pod....

George Drivas presents Beta Test, shown in world premiere to an enthusiatic audience at Directors Lounge 2006

Using only black and white still photography and subtitles as the narration, George Drivas film, Beta Test, is a most enigmatic and thought provoking short in the tradition of Chris Marker's 1962 film, La Jetee. The film explores the mind of a man, a woman and a city by looks at urbanity, communication and the feeling of non-existence. Beta test is a love story.

Jean-Gabriel Périot, featured artist at Directors Lounge 2006, paricipate with dies irae , screened at Directors Lounge 2006 as part of "intimate journeys" curated by Lyn Loo

" Dies Irae - is part of a requiem prayer. I used it because this text is about destruction, the end of the world. The one who prays ask to another one (god) to rescue him or if not to remember him. It's for that I used it, because this movie is about destruction, death, and the need to remember. I used the first sentence, an extract of the prayer because it contains two people: the one who asks to remember his death and the one who has to remember.
Like in the film, first we are the one who travels till the deadly end, and then in a second movement, we are the one looking at the death of the first, and because we asked why this end, we become a witness." - Jean-Gabriel Piérot

don´t miss them if you have the chance

trampoline takes place at:

Broadway Cinema
14 -18 Broad Street

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