Sunday, March 26, 2006

Love Neutral Pierre Coulibeuf

Yesterdays opening of Love Neutral by Pierre Coulibeuf at play
was among the highlights of the biennale-weekend.
« Lost Paradise » and « Love Neutral» are part of a cross-disciplinary project which brings together various artistic disciplines : cinema, photography, sculpture, architecture, literature and painting....the exhibition presents
projections of “cinematic paintings”, frozen scenes which push back the frontiers, in this case of artistic categories: the still photographic image, and the moving cinematic image overlay one another in such a way that the limits between them become indiscernible. Subject (portrait/close-up or landscape), fixedness (photo/shot with characters or landscapes), and length (photo/unique shot) are put into a relationship of reciprocal tension.»
(from the artist´s statement)
The installations are very well executed, in a way that the gallery space becomes part of the work itself.
Highly recommended.

The opening was also the official presentation of a new book by Pierre Coulibeuf
“...comme une ombre lointaine /...wie ein Schatten in der Ferne”

25th March - 30th April 2006
The gallery is open Wed – Sat, 2 – 7pm
hannoversche str. 1, 10115 berlin

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