Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dream Walking wins Cinéma du réel Grand Prize

Dream Walking, an independent Chinese documentary, has just received the Great Prize of the festival "Cinema du Reel" held in Centre Pompidou in Paris (March, 10th to 19th).

Since its creation in 1978 by the "Bibliotheque publique d'information", Cinema du Reel has developped into a major documentary cinema festival, a reference event in which the public as well as the professionals discover new films and new filmmakers, in which today's documentary filmmaking confronts with the best of documentary cinema history. Workshops and special events complete a program supported by a numerous and enthusiastic audience.

Dream Walking (Meng You) - Huang Wenhai, 85min, China, 2005
They are painters, musicians, poets, performers. In the suffocating Beijing summer, they improvise a film, invent their life, discuss literature, art and religion. If they enjoy nakedness so much, it is perhaps in order to abandon the absurd roles that society imposes on them.

Dream walking was presented by Zhu Rikun of Fanhall Studio, Beijing.
An extensive screening of independent chinese cinema, curated by Zhu Rikun
and Marina Foxley for Directors Lounge is in the pipeline.

Congrats to all involved in the making of Dream Walking from Team Director Lounge.

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