Thursday, March 02, 2006

by Patrick Fontana

Our generation's experience : Capitalism won't die of natural death //
We intend through these particulars lectures of Marx's Capital to open interrogations about social and economics context of today's Capital.

In GRENZE, the principal question thus goes on the movement, the circulation of capital and its transformations. It places progressively series of metamorphic movements. It articulates with it. It gives it a visual translation. Our look, our waiting, time respond together to this construction of an infernal mecanism which holds everything.

In the Capital, Karl Marx often uses these words : forms, movement, mecanism, divisions, new circumstances, organic limits, transformation, revolution. When he talks about the worker, he describes him as an imperfect agent in the production of a continuous movement.
In GRENZE, Capital is showed as a cube in a perpetual reconstruction.The commodities are showed as a larva and the workers are showed as triangles. All the forms and their components change permanently.

"I imagine that a multitude of singular forms are possible starting from the elements thus assembled. I do not know if thus Eisenstein would have put out of film the Capital, but you undoubtedly found a manner strong and tempting to carry out its dream " Jacques Rancière, professor of philosophy

Grenze, recently screened at the Directors Lounge 2006 will be shown in april at Pixelache 2006

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