Thursday, March 09, 2006

abortion and tattoo

The near-total ban on abortion signed into law Monday in South Dakota led Marisa DiMattia, editor of needled to see how the debate has played out on people's skin in the form of abortion politics tattoos.
Her friend Rebekah found this:

The angel Gabriel bringing the Virgin Mary a coat hanger.

From her notes: Asking friends whether they know of people with abortion-related tattoos is not an easy query. For one, you get strange looks or an online emoticon to that effect. The best response was from Ella who said that she thought all tattoos are a manifestation of being prochoice: "... any body modification is, whether consciously or unconsciously, a tangible reinforcement of our cultural ideal that our bodies belong to ourselves, and ourselves alone -- and we are the ones who get to say what happens to it." >

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