Thursday, March 30, 2006

Performing Arts in America 1875-1923

The advent of the twentieth century has been hailed as the beginning of the modern age. A combination of technological advances and societal freedoms led the way to a new world where - among other things - entertainment for the masses became a thriving industry. The upbeat mood of America was reflected in its theater, its popular songs, the craze for ballroom dancing, and above all in the newest of popular fads, the motion pictures. At the same time, America was forging its own classical culture worthy to compete with its European forebears.

Performing Arts in America 1875 -1923 features an authentic look at this past, from the Broadway theater and Tin Pan Alley to the art of dancer Loie Fuller and composer Charles Griffes, all brought to you in original documents. Captured in the then new techniques of photography, recorded sound, and film, the performing arts of the early twentieth century come alive as never before, preserved by The New York Public Library and brought to you a century later via the Internet.

A cornucopia of wonderful photographies

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