Monday, April 10, 2006

screening: inbetween Stereotypical readability

still taken from "No Pork But Pig" by Nezaket Ekici

Directors Lounge will screen a special compilation
of related videos at the finnisage of

INBETWEEN – Stereotype Lesbarkeiten
INBETWEEN – Stereotypical readability
INBETWEEN – Stereotypical readability focuses on the construction of personality,the attribution of identity, social and ethnic codes and their reflection in media.

Among the presented artists are the already mentioned Nezaket Ekici, Provmyza and Shahram Entekhabi.
Joachim Seinfeld will guide you through the show.

full program here

Galerie der Kuenstler
Maximilianstr. 42, Munich
thurs april 13th, 8 pm / Do. 13 April, 20 Uhr

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