Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Strictly Berlin Media Art from Berlin

curious dog at the opening, photography Ilse Ruppert

...........only till friday

This exhibition brings together a plethora of parallel approaches that take different expressive forms. In Berlin a formulation of similar concerns can be seen to pervade all spheres of art, be it music, the visual arts, film, theater or performance. Artists from many countries, not just from Germany, have made Berlin their home, at least for a time. Their goal is not the apparent reproduction of reality, but rather to liberate the depicted reality from its usual temporal and semantic contexts and to give it meanin g in new combinations. Not the copy of reality, but concepts of reality, in which an interpretation reveals itself to be only one of many possibilities. The option of retelling is rarely applicable to these forms of expression, and identifying the recognizable usually does not get one very far either. The viewer is forced to think about himself and his own experiences; only then does the pleasure of viewing emerge, albeit without any guarantee that the enigma will be completely revealed.

Opening hours: tue – sat 11.00h a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Potsdamer Str. 78
D-10785 Berlin

Finnisage Fri 31th march 8 pm
Surprise Program:

Slideshow "Das war Strictly Berlin / Strictly Berlin Review" Ilse Ruppert
"Kleine Volksberuhigung ! / Little consolation of the People" hütte
hilton.(Margita Haberland)..
"Notausgang mit Kegeln in den Keller / Emergency Exit - Bowling in the

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