Monday, March 13, 2006

double density of experience
Joachim Seinfeld & Andreas Sachsenmaier

doppelte Erlebnisdichte
is the hard to translate titel of an exhibition by Joachim Seinfeld,
curator of Directors Lounge,
and fellow artist Andreas Sachsenmaier with whom he share a studio.

Joachim Seinfeld: Cyborg

Andreas Sachsenmaier: The Last Supper

installation with projection on the wall, video projector
DVD-player, loudspeakers, dimensions: variable; 2004
quotation from "Der Dämon und das Fräulein Prym" Paul Coelho"

A video projection shows an apparent image of „The Last Supper“ by Leonardo da Vinci in the church Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Different female figures are sitting and standing at a long table, all well-known prototypes, which we can see daily in the media. Around a female Jesus they act in repetitive movements, whose message appears familiar and strange at the same time.

The Last Supper along with The Garden Of Delights After H.B was part of last years Directors Lounge

Installation view Galerie Adlergasse

"doppelte Erlebnisdichte"
presents photographic works by Joachim Seinfeld and video installations by Andreas Sachsenmaier until march 24th.

Galerie Adlergasse
im Kulturverein riesa efau

Adlergasse 14
01067 Dresden

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