Friday, July 07, 2006

They eat your shadow after dawn

we only come out at night
processing, video projection, camera vision

A site is selected at dawn and a sticker is stuck or a stencil image is sprayed at the location. When the sun sets, the jellies are projected over the heads of pedestrians on the street. The projector is placed in such a way that the pedestrians never see the source of the projection so the image appears almost out of no where. When the jellies turn angry, they grab the shadows of pedestrians and eat them leaving only crumbs that float down. The sticker is then removed and the project visits another place at dawn. A website is created to track the history of the monster appearance in order to promote and create a mythology.

See them shadows eating (QT) here

we only come out at night is a work by Jiacong Yan.
The jellies will appear during Pictoplasma in Berlin (Oct 11-13th).

digged by Régine

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