Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Directors Lounge presents:a summer evening with Klaus W. Eisenlohr

july 6th 10pm
urban research:
short film selection
at Rote Loge

With the increased dynamic of urban development, more artists are concerned with urban space as a theme and issue. This selection shows a range of new short experimental and documentary work of international artists.

artists include Noëelle Georg, Diane Bonder, Papa 'n Razzi aka Kemmy Thyssen, Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Cornelia Erdmann, Roger Warren Beebe, Fabienne Gautier, Diane Bonder, Virginie Laganière, Dirk Holzberg and Jörg Pfeiffer.

Rote Loge Berlin
Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (next to Revalerstrasse)
S- and U Warschauer Brücke

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