Wednesday, July 26, 2006

RE:MARK by Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman

The presence of a separate world of information remains hidden from us without the help of technical aids. RE:MARK and The Hidden Worlds of Noise and Voice are two aesthetic and sensory observatories for the perception of this parallel reality, wherein the idea of virtuality as a sort of "world of the spirits" is completely intentional.

In RE:MARK sounds spoken into a pair of microphones are analyzed and classified by a phoneme recognition system. When a phoneme is recognized, the written name of the phoneme (for example, oh, ee, ah, etc.) is projected on the installation's display. If the user's sound is not recognized by the system's classifier, then an abstract shape is generated instead, based on the timbral characteristics of the vocalization.
As the visitor speaks, the phonemes and forms appear to emerge from the shadow of the speaker's head. A computer-vision system permits the visitors to interact with the sound fourms by using the shadow of their own body.
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and at we make money not art (inluding future projects by Zachary Lieberman)

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