Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rabbit in the Headlights Gelitin

On a hilltop in the romantic mountainous Piedmonte region of northern Italy, on Colletto Fava, just above the village of Artesina lies a sculpture, which is of such a daunting scale and childish nature, that it seems it can only have been conceived by a twisted mind. Ears nibbled off, stuffing exploding from a body covered with mangy fur, eyes missing – here are all the destructive signs a stuffed animal suffers under the affection and physical abuse of its infant owner. Love can be destructive.

sleek has published a nice essay about the famous rabbit sculpture, the work of the artist group, Gelitin ( Ali Janka, Wolfgang Gantner, Tobias Urban and Florian Reither) with a text by Annika von Taube.
here you go

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