Thursday, July 13, 2006


Say Hello to the all New Genpets™ from Bio.Genica!
The Genpets™ are Pre-Packaged, Bioengineered pets implemented today!

That’s right, Genpets are not toys or robots. They are living, breathing genetic animals. Hybernating in their packaging, the GenPets are awakened from their dormant state when you take them home. They never grow and stay their cute size for their entire 1 to 3 year lifespan (like having a puppy forever!). Their combined DNA give them imited motion "like a baby or a doll" and they only need feeding once per week.

Here´s hope that Bio.Genica will soon expand it´s product line, including cute little piglet squids (see below). We will order even two.

digged by our petistic neighbor sum1

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