Tuesday, July 04, 2006

7 minutes about the theme gas station 7 Minuten zum Thema Tankstelle

Cornelia Erdmann, 7 Minuten zum Thema Tankstelle,
2001, DE, 7:00, DVD, colour, stereo sound, German language

"About the theme of filling station? ... I can only state that I have spend a lot of time there, more than I possibly should have. Being 18, 19, 20, 21 und I think even with 22, I thought it would be cool to linger at the filling station because all my friends used to hang out there too..."

In between the genres of documentary and personal fiction, the film is considered with how changing public spaces are effecting the experiences of youths.
Artist Cornelia Erdmann is a trained architect and lives in Weimar (DE). In her work she focuses on public art projects. To her, this is both related to her own interest in spacial, physical and topographical dimensions and to the potential of surpassing borders of art institutions. Interactivity, thus becomes her main concern, in media, between physical and vitual space, or between people and space. Taking up a critical stance, though, does not mean to ban humour and the smile of the audience.

7 Minuten zum Thema Tankstelle
will be screened july 6th 10pm
as part of urban research: short film selection compiled and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr at the Rote Loge Berlin Simon-Dachstrasse 22.
A charming venue already mentioned here

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