Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Directors Lounge presents:a summer evening with Tobias Schmuecking

july 20th 9pm at Z Bar Tobias Schmuecking will be present

still taken from Ein Zeitraum im September, 2004, Super-8 / DV, 28 mins

It is the significant atmosphere of that place, that makes wonder. The place seems to have its own distinct time, which is independent of the (main) characters - or, to be more precise, the place actually seems to be the main character, encapsulating the protagonist (or viewer) in its diegesis.
Tobias Schmuecking tells stories by using images. He creates specific time-spaces with his subjects that contain their own dynamics, different from linearity or cyclic repetitions, across the timeline we are used to experience. Space, place and encounters do not appear alien to us, but seem to be rather familiar from previous occasions, back then in dream time, or in a different film.
These everyday places, such as a caravan on a hill or a public pool, stay in my memory, like those places of my own blissful experiences.
Klaus W. Eisenlohr

still taken from Auermuehle, 2003, Super-8 / 16mm, 6 Min

Z Bar Bergstr. 2 10115 Berlin, open from 8pm on

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